Detailed biography

Станислав Шуберт молодой

Stanislav Schubert (Russian: Станислав Шуберт)


Director of Photography, Director, Editor, Colorist, Pyrotechnics supervisor.

 Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia (RCA).



I was born on July 27, 1987 in Novosibirsk, Siberia, USSR. My parents worked as engineers in a scientific institute. The ancestors of my father were the Germans, the peasants, moved from Saxony to Russia in the 18th century. That´s how i go my name Schubert. I spent my childhood in the city of Novosibirsk, mainly on a side of a city, on the nature, by the Inya River.

When i was 8 (1995) I saw the Soviet film "A Man from Boulevard des Capucines", which shows the birth of cinema, as well as its impact on people changing the world for the better. Then I realized i was born in order to create good movies, it's been my dream since childhood. I started as photographer, making a slideshows and exercised in script writing. At the age of 12, i made the first documentary short film about my city on Super 8 mm film.


I learned the basics of filming by myself, learned film developing, film and sound editing at home. I would shoot short documentaries, non-fiction and fiction films using my 16 mm film camera. I would show my first films at school and outdoor small film theatre. That we had in a neighborhood. It was always an interesting and fun event in our district, for the locals, perhaps it was the only cultural events at that difficult time period, people needed my films.


In 2003, I made a short documentary "The Civil defense" on 16 mm motion-picture film, using a old Russian camera "Krasnogosk-3". The film was dedicated to the problems of security in schools under the threat of international terrorism and natural disasters. The film was shown in schools and clubs, and then got a lot of awards at Russian and international film festivals, and i got a professional recognition. Then, as a director and cameraman, using a digital camera, I shot several short films and documentaries, mainly on the patriotic theme. I was worried about the problem of Nazism and totalitarianism, as a child. because i have some german roots, kids at school would tease «Nazi», but my family had no relation to it, we were Russian patriots, and during World War II, and now. O explore anti-fascism theme in my films "The Confrontation", "The Wall", "The Fascism now"


In 2005 I entered the Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) he faculty of the optical and information systems, where i studied cinematography and graduated from university with a degree in "Cinematographer" in 2010.

My films were shown on television and participated in film festivals, some of them were awarded. Films "The Wall" and "Fascism now" 2007 got awords on Russian and international festivals: "REC", "Petersburg Screen", "White Nights", "Green Apple" and others, the International Film Festival "Unprecedented Cinema", Estonia . A documentary about children sailing in Siberia "Sailing Dreams" has received many awords at film festivals, won the festival "REC" in Novosibirsk in 2012, in St. Petersburg in 2013, also won the award for Best Cinematography at the festival "Unprecedented cinema ", Tallinn, Estonia, and the" Green apple ", Novosibirsk, Russia. The film "White Taiga of Izdrevaya", dedicated to the unique Siberian nature and environmental issues participated in festivals "Primordial Russia" Moscow, the festival "REC", Novosibirsk, Russia, where got a diploma for the best documentary.


My favorite ganre is documentary, i like to follow the main character who lives on the screen part a real life. I also find my inspiration in the nature in its beauty and diversity. Nature and people in Russia are amazing and beautiful, I love telling stories about them on the screen, it´s always something new. I love my country, and it gives me a "food" for life and work. All the problems I experience with my people, and make films that are relevant to us. I also travel a lot around the world, making films and videos about people, i learn new things, but always return to my homeland. I was filming in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, in many parts of Russia.


I always try to create "soul" in the image, the feeling of "air"effect and volume. I like to use 35 mm anamorphic format, in order to achieve the desired plastic images and depth of space and color. In my art film and photo projects I try to use together with cinema film optics. I have a 35mm film camera and anamorphic lenses LOMO, they give amazing image. Time dictates new requirements for commercial videos, and of course i use digital technology, RED EPIC cameras and the Blackmagic, digital SLR cameras and non-linear editing. I made a lot of music videos, corporate films and commercials. I use such software as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, SpeedGrade. I work with quadrocopters and drones, i do shoot with a Steadicam.


Another hobby that stayd with me since childhood is pyrotechnic. Fire encouraged me to be creative. I used to make homemade fireworks and learned chemistry and physics at school. Then I took a course on pyrotechnics and now i am an expert. Becoming a film professional I connected the camera work and pyrotechnics knowledge to create special effects. I can imitate explosions, fire, falling bullets, blood and wounds, broken glass, smoke and fog.Also i like Western style movies, where I can use all my pyrotechnic skills. Currently i work teenagers in film school "Old Mill" in Novosibirsk, I am interested to transfer my experience to young people and to motivate them to make good films. Cinematography has been my dream since childhood, and I'm happy that I have chosen for myself this profession, it gives me the opportunity to live a full life, to communicate with interesting people, travel around the world, to see what others do not see, and to show it to the audience. I am always ready to cooperate in joint projects and interesting creative work.



The Siberian Cowboy