Motion picture film 35 mm & 16 mm shot and footage

The Infantry- realistic war reel about WW2 times, shot on 35 mm film, in 2020.  

This reel was shot entirely on 35 mm film using Eyemo (KS-50) movie cameras during the Great Patriotic War in Novosibirsk, in 2020.
First-person perspective - this was the task set by the project participants. Creating the image of an infantryman, we relied on the memoirs of veterans, memoirs and fiction, archival materials. Show the war through the eyes of an ordinary soldier: a guy from our city, from the next street, from our yard. He saw his comrades die before his eyes, hunger and cold, wounds passed, and then the hospital and returned to the front again.

The movie camera became a conditional participant in the events, capturing what a real infantryman of the Great Patriotic War could see.

Author and director: Evgeniya Tsveklinskaya.
Operators: Anatoly Antonov and Stanislav Schubert
Editing: Artyom Perevalov

Shooting on original WW II cameras and 35 mm film in in 2019  

We continue to restore the old movie cameras of the Second World War and shoot videos reminiscent of newsreels of the 1940s on them. We use the American Bell & Howell Eyemo cameras and the German hand crank camera  Askania 1930s.

We shoot 35 mm black-and-white Russian film Tasma and German AGFA aerial photograph. Soon we will repair the Arriflex 35 camera of the Third Reich and remove its historical reconstruction WWII. Watch our "military" video review

The Inya river in autumn, 2009

The Inya river. Motion-picture film, 35 mm, Fuji F250D. Camera: Konvas 2M, LOMO lens. Directed by Stanislav Schubert, 2009. 

Civil defense. Documentary 16 mm film, 2003.


фильм Гражданская оборона, киноплёнка 16 мм. 



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